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Hi, my name is Isaac Viars

I'm a composer for video games and other media. Part of why I love writing music for games is that I get to join someone else's amazing vision. I feel I thrive when I collaborate on a project because It gives me a foundation in which I can build the musical world on top. I do my best to honor my client's needs to make sure their project comes to life the way it was intended.

Client Reviews

"Isaac is one of the best working today. His care to any project is admirable, and one of the easiest people to work with. We worked with him for the Slay the Stars podcast intro music, and every bar we set for him, Isaac smashed through it like superman. The intro song is amazing. The themes, the critiques, every little detail was incorporated, and he did it seemingly without effort. To be honest, I could sing his praises forever, but let me summarize my point: Work with Isaac Viars. You’ll keep him on your short list for as long as he works."

- Arthur Pelino - Audio Engineer, Slay the Stars

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